Meet the Artist

My name is Vonna Contino Maslanka

As a seasoned artist with a passion for creativity, I have dedicated myself to exploring and expressing my artistic vision for many years. From teaching locally to being featured on the internet and published in magazines and books, I have had the privilege of sharing my work with a wide audience.

But my journey as an artist has not been a solitary one - I have been fortunate enough to collaborate and learn from other talented artists who have become dear friends.

My design style is organic and fluid, ranging from understated simplicity to intricate complexity.

It is my boundless imagination and rich life experiences that fuel my creative flame and drive me to constantly push the boundaries of my artistic expression.

- vonna

("Peace is the key to one's heart" The instinct to express peace, compassion and love is the essence of life in its purest form. We must also have great dreams and goals beyond our reach. When we meet a goal, it encourages us to further explore the boundaries and try to go beyond them. Inspiration can come from the tiniest morsel of human affection. I guess this leaves me with one crucial quest; can you conquer your dreams? Jon McEachern, July 5th 2005)

 "my son" Jonathan Daniel McEachern
December 26, 1986  November 30, 2007

Jonathan your spirit will always live on within our hearts forever.

Please feel free to visit JdMacHope a blog I dabbled in expressing the grief of a mother who has lost her child.