Artisan Mixed Media Necklace Chain Necklace with Charms-Charm Necklace, Chain Necklace,
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Artisan Mixed Media Necklace Chain Necklace with Charms

Artisan Mixed Media Necklace 

Coffee anyone? This mixed media necklace was created as I was walking down the aisle at a craft store - I found myself in the doll accessory aisle. I am always looking for the unusual; something to add to a design that’s different. So as you see there is a coffee set with the tray, coffee pot and the cream & sugar which are made of silver metal.
I added a metal gold coin and a citrine dangle to bump up the color. The drop hangs from an industrial part from the hardware store.
White enameled metal chain, & silver metal findings all nickel free.
Necklace chain has no clasp and is easy on easy off!

So fun and surely a conversation piece.

  • Chain Length: 28”
  • Drop: 5”
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